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Read this: Things to do before the workshop!

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      Jerry Tan

      1) Register an account with
      Register & activate an account and email Jerry Tan – [email protected] , once this is completed. Let Jerry know your username.

      2) Try booting from Jupiter IO with own laptop
      You will obtain a Jupiter IO on Monday. I will be available on Monday from 7:30AM – 8:30AM to assist anyone who needs help in booting up prior to training which begins at 8:30AM sharply. Since, we do not know the brand/type of their laptops, it is good if we could try out before the workshop to avoid surprises. If you are unable to do this prior to the training, I will be available after training as well.

      3) Install software TeamViewer & Microsoft Teams
      We will be using these platforms for the training.

      4) Wi-Fi Login
      Each participant needs to know their own Wi-Fi network login account so that they could get online with their computer connected to Jupiter IO. (Please note that when a participant uses their computer booted from Jupiter IO, they need to set up the Wi-Fi connection from scratch.)


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