What are the differences among Courses, Classes and Communities?

Units that contain of learning materials, curriculum, etc.

Units of learning groups for the organization of online classes and discussion (forum) among group members. They can include multiple courses for the learning of a particular topic.

Units of long term groups with a common interest or organization, e.g. development teams, labs, robots, etc.

How to setup class or community home page?
1. “Manage” > “Extras”
2. “General Settings” > “General”

  • Select “Hide It” for the Extras page
  • “Please specify the page name, where all custom pages will be displayed”: “Pages” (default) > “Home”
  • “Rename the “Home” default group page to “Activity” (for example), which is far better”: “Home” (default) > “Activity”
  • Save Changes (in the list of pages displayed, at the top of the list is now “Activity” and towards the bottom is “Home”
  • Click on “Home” and drag it to the top of the page list
  • Save Changes once again (this has created the new home page and made it the landing page for the group)

3. Adding content to the new Home page

  • “General Settings” > “Add Page” (this will open up the New Page dialogue)
  • In the content box for the Page Title, enter any suitable page title, e.g. “Group Home”
  • Enter the text you want to have in your homepage, a welcome message, a group description, any rules for membership you want to have and maybe some interesting notes about the group topic. Note you can also insert photo’s and videos by clicking on the “Insert Video” and “Insert Image” buttons in the editor menu bar. These options sallow you to enter the URL for the image or video, if you have uploaded images to the media library you can get the URL for the image by going to the media library and editing the image, the URL is on the right hand side of the edit image page. URL’s for video are typically YouTube or similar.
  • Note you can change the size of the font used by clicking on “Paragraph” to change the text to a heading setting, there is also a Font Size button, Font Family allows you to choose from a limited range of fonts available on the site.
  • Once you have completed entering your group description text, go to the bottom of the page to select whether this will be publicly available or only to group members.
  • After that you can press save, and that is your main description for the home page complete.

How to insert Course Card on class or community home page?

(display-posts post_type=”lp_course” id=”417, 443″ image_size=”medium” wrapper=”div” wrapper_class=”display-posts-listing grid”)
* Replace round brackets with square brackets
* ID is available on course page