Rapid Development System for AI and Robotics

79 students

ID: 2215

How to setup a rapid development system for AI and Robotics in 1 hour? In this workshop, you can learn to build it with just a normal laptop you have in any OS, without any additional hardware. The development system includes ROS and software frameworks for you to develop:

1. Natural Speech Interaction and Chatbots
2. Computer Vision with Machine Learning
3. Autonomous Navigation
4. Robot Arm

The workshop is designed for anyone who are interested to start AI and robotics development, particularly in the technical topics above. The instructor will explain in detail the steps to setup the AI Robotics development system in the first hour of the workshop. The audience can follow the steps along to create own development environment. The workshop is then followed by presentations with live demonstration in each topic above to illustrate actual working project development examples, for instance CMUSphinx speech recognition, machine learning based object detection YOLO, deep learning in OpenVINO, human tracking with OpenPose, SLAM navigation, MoveIt arm motion planning, etc. The students can leverage the open-source examples as kickstart templates for further development.

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